A refreshing combination of authentic, talented musicians with decades of experience playing a wide variety of popular music genres to engage audiences of all ages.

This is a fun, guitar driven band that enjoys playing hits from many eras, and has a lot of fun performing them! This band is comfortable playing everything from backyard parties to big festival stages.

We take requests and can put a custom set of music together to make any event a special occasion. We perform as duo, trio, or expanded lineup of unusual, eclectic , fun musicians as needed.

We also have an available high quality J.B.L. sound system and custom lighting.


Wayne Landino -


Vocals, Bass, Rhythm Guitar, and friendly host!

Founding member of the ShapeShifters, is a lifelong Chicago area resident who grew up playing many styles of music on stages small and large with all types of musicians from all levels. Starting on the Fender Jazz Bass at an early age, he payed his dues playing anywhere and everywhere. After being involved in the Chicago theater scene as a fledgling actor with some success he took up guitar and focused on vocals. After many years he has evolved to network with many talented entertainers of all types and all genres of popular music from many era's.

"I like variety and try to re-invent myself a bit every year as performer to keep it fresh for myself as well as the audience. I could not be happier or more blessed than to have the wonderful musicians and friends I play with now. It's a great feeling to know you have quality musicians alongside you."

Tommy Dziallo- Guitar !!! -

Another awesome friend and immensely talented guitarist / music producer / teacher. Recipient of platinum and gold albums, and always in demand by A-list bands like The Chicago Catz, with whom he regularly performs.  Tommy also performs with his eclectic trio Rule Of 4.

His attention to quality along with his awesome musical chops make him a joy to hear. If you enjoy listening to great guitar playing, Tommy Dziallo is a very immersive experience.


Edie “The Sweetie” Rosner -

Awesome friend and wonderful drummer! Her sincerity and authenticity is recognizable immediately. She is truly beloved by all who are blessed to hang out and play music with her. A professional drummer for many years.